P R I M E    S U R V I V A L

the jurassic park fan film

They shouldn’t be there. They shouldn’t have come. Now they have to survive. When a group of three friends head to a deserted island, little do they know that they are about to stumble on something very big, and very dangerous.

The island is home to an abandoned habitation of dinosaurs bred by a familiar company, and its inhabitants are hungry. As more secrets of the island are uncovered, the more perilous the journey becomes, as the group find themselves on a thrilling adventure to escape the island in one piece.


Began production in 2007 - Completed in 2010

Available on DVD

At long last Prime Survival is available on DVD!

Along with a wealth of bonus features including dinosaur VFX tests, trailers, unfinished scenes and a 5.1 remastered sound mix and score, this DVD will fit perfectly alongside your Jurassic Park collection

Bonus Features

Never before seen material including trailers, an unfinished scene, the early short film, dinosaur visual effects tests and turn cycles, artwork, production photos and more!

Download the original script for Jurassic Park: Prime Survival by Sakari Sihvo

The music and sound mix were composed by Bernard A. Kyer which you can listen to here

Read more about the fan film at the Jurassic Wiki

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